The perfect kitchen - worktops made to measure

Calm while cooking and relaxing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life - we look for all this in the kitchen when we come home. Made-to-measure worktops also optically draw calmness into the kitchen. Because these offers more work space and the kitchen looks tidy. Custom-made worktops make use of the entire space.

Worktops Germany - worktops made to measure

Made-to-measure worktops offer more space

With clever systems, such as pop-up sockets and tricks, you'll be able to conjure extension cords, charging cables and other trivial things out of sight. When closed, a homogeneous surface is visible - just a stainless steel cap over it. Flush-mounted cutouts for the hob ensures even more space. To mark the cutout for the sink and hob, you put both on the worktop upside down, draw the contours and put the line about one centimeter inwards. If the installation elements are new, often corresponding patterns are included.

Made-to-measure worktops offer more space

The size of the worktop can only be measured accurately if the kitchen cabinets are precisely aligned. For the smallest shifts could result in tensions between kitchen and worktop. Length, width and depth of the kitchen cabinets should be noted on a drawing, with corner variants you can record the miter with an exact angle. For the final dimension of the new kitchen countertop calculate a supernatant about two centimeters wide. When measuring the worktop care is required. That's why we do it with the 3D Proliner.

Made-to-measure materials for the worktops

And finally, you have to choose the right material. Since the decision is not easy, because with us you have the choice of over 600 materials, natural stone, artificial stone or ceramics.

Natural stone (granite and slate) Made-to-measure worktops - very robust, heat-resistant, easy-care, durable and decorative.

Artificial stone (Silestone, Dekton, Caesarstone) Custom made worktops - versatile appearance, insensitive to pressure, heat and scratches, hygienic.

Ceramic worktops made to measure – trendy, scratch-resistant, easy-care, individual.

MAAS GmbH - Transport


Transport Germany - MAAS GmbH 113.05 € incl. VAT.
Transport Switzerland - MAAS GmbH 148.75 € incl. VAT.
Transport Austria - MAAS GmbH 148.75 € incl. VAT.
Transport Denmark - MAAS GmbH 190.4 € incl. VAT.

*The delivery prices are for mainland only. We have to charge extra for additional costs such as ferries.

Mounting worktop per meter from 113.05 incl. VAT
* Price is for installation on the ground floor.


Over time, the much used countertops are usually unsightly or even unhygienic. It's time for bespoke countertops.

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Made to measure worktops

The worktops are in continuous use. That's why it's best to choose made to measure worktops to prove their functionality.

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