IKEA kitchens made to measure worktop with high-quality

New fitted kitchens cost quite a lot of money. For this reason, many opt for the purchase of an IKEA kitchen. For years, IKEA has been the undisputed leader when it comes to high-quality kitchen cabinets at reasonable prices.

But the worktop of a kitchen is exposed to the intense stress day after day and is heavily used. Especially worktops made of natural wood, chipboard and laminate, which are offered at IKEA suffer with time and are often damaged by dents or scratches.

IKEA kitchens with high-quality worktops made to measure

IKEA kitchens with the worktops from MAAS GmbH Natursteinmanufaktur

To avoid this problem and to save money in the right place, many opt for a natural stone or artificial stone worktop by MAAS GmbH Natursteinmanufaktur. Because adding our custom made worktops creates a new aesthetic and personal style that combines quality, function and individual design. So cheap kitchens get a new and higher-quality look through our worktops.

IKEA kitchens with the worktops from MAAS GmbH Natursteinmanufaktur

Since the IKEA kitchen modules are special cases with their dimensions, they require worktops that are wider or lower than the standard. But that is no problem for us, because we manufacture millimeter-accurate worktops made to measure. The IKEA base cabinets have a minimum depth of 62 cm, so that's a task for our bespoke countertops.

Inexpensive IKEA kitchens made to measure worktop

Give us the exact dimensions of your kitchen or let it measures by our technicians and the kitchen worktops are cut to the desired length and width. It can also all cuts for the IKEA built-in appliances such as stove or sink are made, and holes for fittings and sockets.

Because we have the right tool and enough experience. However, the plate, then becomes very unstable and must be transported with great care, also that you should leave us. It should be noted that small changes or corrections are more possible.

MAAS GmbH - Transport


Transport Germany - MAAS GmbH 113.05 € incl. VAT.
Transport Switzerland - MAAS GmbH 148.75 € incl. VAT.
Transport Austria - MAAS GmbH 148.75 € incl. VAT.
Transport Denmark - MAAS GmbH 190.4 € incl. VAT.

*The delivery prices are for mainland only. We have to charge extra for additional costs such as ferries.

Mounting worktop per meter from 113.05 incl. VAT
* Price is for installation on the ground floor.


With us you get the perfect worktops made to measure for your IKEA kitchen. The high quality worktops are modern and fit on every IKEA kitchen.

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IKEA kitchens with worktops made to measure

Worktops from the hardware store are only 60 cm wide and do not fit IKEA kitchens. Our worktops are manufactured exactly for IKEA kitchens.

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