Glass back wall in the kitchen - Modern glass back wall in the kitchen

The worktop and the space around the stove and sink are critical items in every kitchen. The splashes of grease and water require a durable material to protect the kitchen back wall. The glass back wall in the kitchen is the undisputed favorite.

Glass back wall in the kitchen - Modern glass back wall in the kitchen Glass back wall - Decorative glass back wall

Glass back wall - Decorative glass back wall

There are so many possibilities for the individual design of your kitchen - you just have to know it. For example, do not give away a valuable option for adding colorful accents simply by tiling the walls of your kitchen. Create an eye-catcher with a glass back wall. We offer back panels in all colors and sizes.

The glass back wall is the eye-catcher in the kitchen

Our diverse color palette offers the right solution for every taste and every need. Our color guide gives you a complete overview of what is possible in the combination of color and glass.

The kitchen splashback made of glass is easy to clean, hygienic and seamless, as it would be the case with tiles. It is heat resistant and serves as a splash guard in the kitchen.

Inquiry and offer:

In order to make you an offer, we ask for the following information: We need the material of your selection. The dimensions of your old or the new worktop. The desired thickness of the plates (z.B. 2 cm, 3 cm) .

Please also tell us the number of required cutouts and their edge processing: for example, whether overlying, flush-mounted or undermined. The standard edging is straight, polished and set.

If desired, other edge treatments are possible. If you require oversize, assembly and / or delivery, please also specify in the request. Please do not forget to tell us your contact details at the end.


At MAAS GmbH, you can order your desired worktop online and have it conveniently and easily delivered to your home. Of course, there is also the possibility for you to pick up your orders directly from us at the factory.

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We deliver your order throughout Germany to your doorstep. Depending on the size and volume of your order, we deliver with your own vehicles, by freight carrier or by parcel service.

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Design your kitchen with a beautiful glass back wall. There are no limits to the creative ideas behind a glass back wall in the kitchen.

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Glass Back walls

The real plus of the glass rear wall in the kitchen is the simple cleaning option. In addition, the glass rear wall sets atmospheric accents.

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