Quartz stone worktops - Overwhelming quartz stone worktops

The mixture of approximately 93% natural quartz, pigments and polyester resin makes quartz stone a revolutionary material that combines and even surpasses the positive properties of stone - in terms of functionality and resistance, for example.

On the Mohs scale, quartz stone has a hardness of 7. But it is also easier to handle with care and cleaning.

Quartz stone countertops overwhelm everyone with their individual character and unique aesthetics full of elegance.

Quartz stone worktops - Overwhelming quartz stone worktops Elegant quartz stone worktops

Excellent quartz stone worktops

The dirt and stain resistant material does not require surface impregnation. Quartz stone worktops are shock, impact and scratch resistant in daily use. They meet all Class 1 safety requirements on the Fire Resistance and Fire Safety Rating Scale. Quartz stone is produced in different shades and is thus perfectly combinable with other high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, glass, etc. These kitchen surfaces offer plenty of room for kitchen design.

Elegant quartz stone worktops

If you want an elegant kitchen, then choose our quartz stone worktop. These worktops are more and more part of the modern kitchen.

Inquiry and offer:

In order to make you an offer, we ask for the following information: We need the material of your selection. The dimensions of your old or the new worktop. The desired thickness of the plates (z.B. 2 cm, 3 cm) .

Please also tell us the number of required cutouts and their edge processing: for example, whether overlying, flush-mounted or undermined. The standard edging is straight, polished and set.

If desired, other edge treatments are possible. If you require oversize, assembly and / or delivery, please also specify in the request. Please do not forget to tell us your contact details at the end.


At MAAS GmbH, you can order your desired worktop online and have it conveniently and easily delivered to your home. Of course, there is also the possibility for you to pick up your orders directly from us at the factory.

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We deliver your order throughout Germany to your doorstep. Depending on the size and volume of your order, we deliver with your own vehicles, by freight carrier or by parcel service.

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The heart of every kitchen is our quartz stone worktops. Our quartz stone worktops bring life and color to your kitchen.

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Quartz worktops

With quartz stone worktops the most unusual and interesting ideas can be realized. Quartz stone worktops are ideal for fine kitchens.

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